About Bash

Sincere + Simple + Sweet = Bash Boutique 

While considering the purpose, philosophy and mission of our little shop, we wound up developing a few guiding, salient principles upon which we could base our work.

The first of these is authenticity or sincerity. Someone once said “To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity.” We are seeking to serve—by means of our approach and our products—the authentic woman. It was John Cardinal Newman who coined the phrase: cor ad cor loquitur (heart speaking to heart).  In that spirit, our aim is to attract and assist the everyday, common sense, and real individuals who populate most of the Midwest. No fake sales, no fake pricing, no fake anything—but a way of relating in an authentic way with other authentic people—heart to heart, honest and sincere.

The second vital belief concerns a kind of ‘sweetness’.  For instance, St Bernard of Clairvaux was a 12th century French abbot and the primary builder of the reforming Cistercian monastic order.  The last of the Church Fathers, he was known for his sweetness of spirit (i.e., the Mellifluous Doctor of the Church meaning something like honey that sweetens). Of course it may be a little bit of a stretch, but at the same time we really do want our boutique to be filled with a similar kind of sweet harmony and openness that will saturate the atmosphere, as well as the apparel–not to mention some of our sweet treats and aromatic fragrances!  This sort of fundamental accord among people also suggests to me a place that is caring and calming—an environment that is at once quiet, peaceful and refreshing. Too much of western civilization is so often filled with a hectic commotion—loud, boisterous and hurried noise and violence. We want to create an oasis, a safe haven, a retreat.

Another prevailing value is simplicity. Yves Saint-Laurent, a French fashion designer regarded as one of the greatest names in fashion history said it best: “Fashions fade but style is eternal”. Simplicity is key—in life and in clothing.  Our intention is to promote a modest and sensible manner in our attitude, in our lines of apparel, and in the overall environment—understated and down-to-earth. It seems to me we want a place that is set apart—soothing and peaceful—one that calms and pacifies the spirit, that allows ones soul to catch up to with the body. From the music and fragrances to the gifts, soaps and confections, the idea is to help others relax in a very simple way, and for a moment enjoy a little recreation.  (Mother Theresa was a model of simplicity and style in action: Her chalice was a tin cup. She walked the world in sandals made by lepers, and her only habit was a cotton sari beneath a very down-at-elbow blue cardigan).